2 Obsolete Marketing Practices You Should Avoid Practicing too

Marketing is a complex process. There are so many techniques but it is a tough deal to find something to let your audience resonate with. Begin with understanding what you don’t want to do. It is hard to gain a good image and very easy to lose one. So, get rid of the following marketing practices when you want t Advertise your company in Singapore:

  1. Trying to serve everyone at the same time

Every customer is unique so pay heed to this fact. The purpose of blanket personalization are long gone. When you do a personalized shopping experience, you are bound to get repeat customers. If you are not soliciting data from your customers and not making the most of it, you need to begin now. By addressing a customer on the basis of their first name when sending a promotional email is not going to work anymore today.

  1. Putting ink on paper

When a commercial mail comes to your house, you seldom open it. Hence, companies are avoiding brochures and other paper marketing practices. Print marketing is costly, wastes time and is ineffective too. On the other hand, digital is fast, effective and cost efficient too.

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