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7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website Ranking Through Content

It is hard to imagine any business these days that does not have a website these days. Companies that don’t have seen their market share taken by their competitors who have leveraged on the important of having a working digital presence. At the same time, many companies that have invested heavily on their websites have not achieved much success because the targeted audience is not finding them. Alternatively, they are paying vast amount of money to Google to appear on top of the results. In this article, we will look at 7 simple steps you can improve your website ranking through content.

Create Great Page Content

Your website is made up of several pages. The most common pages are the homepage, portfolio, about us, contacts, and how it works. You can use two options to handle these pages. First, you can create a website with individual pages. Second, you can create a one-page website. We recommend that you use the former approach if you want your website to rank well in the search engines. You should then come with good SEO-optimized content to describe your business.

Have a Good Blog Page

This is a page in the website where you will be sharing your insights. Having such a page is very critical because, these blogs will help you to do a few things. First, the blogs will give you an opportunity to share important things or trends in your industry. Second, the blogs will give you something important to share in social media. Third, the blogs will help you come with important articles aimed for the search engines.

Publish Blogs Regularly

Google’s crawlers scan the internet very often with the goal of indexing the websites. These crawlers look at many things. For example, they look at how regular a website has been updated. This is because the company wants to give users results that are relevant and fresh. For this reason, websites that are updated regularly tends to be ranked higher than those that don’t. Therefore, you should create a good publishing calendar that allows you to post content regularly.

Invest in Quality Content

A common mistake that we see is where websites put out a lot of low-quality content. They do this believing that Google will rank them higher because of the amount of content. Other people put out a lot of content trying to game the search engine algorithms. This is wrong. As a publisher, you want to publish quality content that will add value to your readers. By so doing, these readers will share the content in social media. The content will also be spotted by other website publishers who will share it in their websites. Google uses these backlinks to rank websites. Therefore, take time to come up with high quality content.

Invest in Research

The reality is that most of the things you want to share can be found in the internet easily. There are website publishers in all sectors. Therefore, when coming up with content, don’t write what is already known. Instead, dedicate a lot of time to research what has not been covered before. Research about the new trends and present them in a good way. Further, ensure that the content is presented in a long article. Google tends to prefer articles that are at least 500 words long.

Combine Various Types of Content

Another way of using content in rankings is by using the various types of content. This means that you should make your content interesting by adding more types of content. For example, you should use images in your content. Further, you should use videos, infographics, and presentations. Google tends to favor content that uses a multimedia approach.

Accuracy and Grammar

Finally, you should ensure that all the content that you share is accurate. The facts that you share should be backed by research. This means that you should provide a link to where you received the information from. In addition, you should ensure that you check that the grammar used in the articles is accurate. Google uses such simple things to rank the content.

Final Thoughts

As an entrepreneur, you want your business to succeed. You want to be successful. Having a good website is very important in that it will help you reach more people. As explained above, you should have a good website and content strategy to succeed. Having a conversation with a good website and SEO specialist like Silicon Valley SEO will help you come up with a good strategy and see better rankings.

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