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It’s really amazing how much people use online streaming these days. It’s almost like there’s no point in buying TVs anymore if nobody is willing to watch them. Nowadays, everybody prefers to lie down in bed and watch a couple of movie or ซีรีย์ฝรั่ง with their phone or laptop. If you’ve not experienced this wonderful feeling, you’re missing out greatly. In this posting, we’ve gathered a few pressing questions that a beginner would most likely ask if they have little to no knowledge about online streaming website. Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers to them.

Is online streaming real?

I know it may sound too good to be true, but yes, it is real and there are several platforms available to try out. You get to choose between different movies and platforms.

Is online streaming free?

Well, there are a few websites that offer free movies for their viewers. Some others offer partial payment while some require you to pay a monthly service fee to be able to access the movies. For e.g, netflix offers free movies, but you have to pay a monthly amount to access them.

What do I need to stream movies online?

You don’t need pretty much anything, just make sure you’re registered under the platform, fill in the basic information needed, pay a for the month to access free movies for that month. You can also pay yearly too. However, this depends on if the websites takes charges to offer free movies. Apart form this, you’ll need a steady power supply to plug in your device because streaming movies takes a lot of data. You’ll also need a strong data connection to watch your movies without interruptions.

Are there any age restriction?

Yes, most movies have age restrictions and parental guidance will be needed if a child below the age stated wants to watch that kind of movie.

Also, you can set a password to stop your underage children from watching some certain movies in your absence.

Can I connect several devices to a particular subscription?

Yes, netflix allows you pay for different screen. Up to 10 even, this way, several devices can connect to it at the same time and not have any interruptions. But, if you want to connect three of your devices and you only paid for two screens, one person will not be able to watch the movie while you are using it. Some websites that offer free movies in general, may allow you to connect a thousand devices without having to pay a dime.

Where can I find streaming site?

To find a good streaming site shouldn’t be very difficult. People like to go for popular ones anyway to be on the safe side while a few others take recommendations from their friends and family members. You can check review sites as well to see how they treat their customers.

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