Google Update: Page Experience Update Postponed To Mid-June

The Page Experience Update from Google wouldn’t be available until June 2021. Yes, you read that correctly. In this post, I’ll tell you all you really need to understand about why did Google delay page experience updates and when the next one is expected. Within seconds, Google’s ranking algorithm sorts billions of SERPs and displays the most appropriate information to the user’s search query. This rating algorithm is complex.

What this update will include?

The Page Experience Update will take into account a variety of page experience signals, especially core web vitals update in 2021 such as FID, LCP, and CLS. Aside from that, Google’s Top Stories will contain news content, and it adheres to the Google News Policy. This implies that AMP format will not be needed anymore, and any page, regardless of Core Web Vitals score or page experience status, is qualified for the Top Stories carousel.

Google is extending the use of non-AMP format pages in the Page Experience upgrade to improve the experience on Google News App and news.google.com. Furthermore, with the introduction of the page experience update, the AMP badge indicator will not be displayed to denote AMP content.

A New Page Experience Report

To gain further data, the Google Search Console features a Page experience report. This report displays the Core Web Vitals score as well as other elements such as security problems, mobile-friendliness, and HTTPS security. With page experience excellent URLs % and search impressions, you can rapidly analyze page experience.

A few tips to optimize your website for page experience update

  • Optimize page loading speed: web loading speed will play a vital role in ranking your website. The faster the page loading speed your webpage has, you will get a positive impact from this update.
  • Evaluate your design: There should not be design issues in your website like users want to go back to the home page but, it directs them to the payment section. It will put a negative impact on your site. Most of the time, you won’t have that problem, but you will have other usability concerns. Heatmaps are identified as usability concerns.
  • Install the Ubersuggest Chrome extension: if you already have it just update it.

Wrap up the Things

Over time, the user experience will become increasingly crucial. If you and everyone else like a website, Google will eventually want to ensure that the website ranks high. On the other hand, if everyone believes a website provides a poor user experience, Google will not rank that page as highly in the long run.

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