Is The Chatbot An Internet Marketing Tool & Can It Help My SEO?

ChatBot is one of the newest members of the internet marketing community. It has been downloaded by thousands of users and sits proudly on every user’s desktop, helping them with all sorts of tasks from chatting with friends to searching for information on the web. The owners of the bot, Rob &inker, claim that ChatBot is not only a marketing tool, but also a legitimate and useful piece of software. Their primary aim is to provide a service which is unique at the moment, offering customers and internet users the ability to search for information or connect to live people; all done through chat.

But does this unique feature of ChatBot attract customers, or is it merely a clever marketing scheme? Many people are surprised to see how well ChatBot works and are immediately drawn into using it once they discover its abilities. Chat Bots have indeed helped many people connect with others and find out important information they would otherwise never have been able to find. But there are also a few negative aspects of ChatBot that could turn off potential customers, for example:

While most of the negative feedback seems to be centered on the ability of the bot to talk, the authors of the software state that they are in no way promoting or advertising anything in the way of products or services. The writers of chatbot also claim that they are not selling anything, and that it will never prompt people to buy anything from them. This, however, could very well be seen as spam. Many spam emails will offer links for “stuff”, and while there is nothing wrong with this, it does beg the question as to whether or not the recipient wants to receive more of those emails. Many people have become quite attached to their ChatBots, and it is therefore not surprising that they might feel the need to try and market it further, causing more spam for the average user.

How To Make A Chatbot?

Is it possible to make chatbot code yourself? Yes, there are software programs which enable the user to create their very own chatbot. There are also companies like Bot Nation that can help you create your own chatbot and learn how to continuously improve it, so it evolves with your customers questions.

If you have a bot, and you would like it to give you commands or even fallback responses, you can connect with your bot via a special third-party backend system, and program your bot to respond to certain keywords using its online dictionary. This way, you will have a bot which can answer questions, give commands, and even fallback replies efficiently and in a way that truly helps you customers.

These programs, when put together and used properly, can be a great conversationalist. Of course, they will never replace a real human live chat support agent, but if you’re just looking for quality out of hours support without leaving your customers to search through walls of FAQs or terms and condition pages then it is a great idea to invest in a quality chatbot program. And if you know nothing about programming, and don’t know how to go about making a chatbot, look into either investing in employees that can do this for you, software programs that can help you, or invest some of your own time to learn how to make chatbot software function.

Answering The Question About Chatbots And SEO!

In the end, if your chatbot is able to keep users on your website, this the answer the questions in the title regarding SEO. One of the many Google algorithms that helps SEO rates your website by how sticky it is. I.e. how long users stick on your site, because when they do stick, this is an indication to Google that your website is offer valuable information to those visiting your website.

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