Sales processes: a simple and effective checklist for the sales manager

Surprisingly, we often overlook the most obvious things because we take many things for granted that we cannot change. And so, we don’t see opportunities where they are right in front of us. This can also apply to implementing new solutions in effective sales.

The experts of described in more detail how to perform quality sales processes on an organizational and technological level. We will talk about the so-called checklist, which is very easy to implement and how an effective technology works exactly for those who are engaged in selling goods/services.

Why is it important to ask the questions the customer answers?

To turn the situation around, you need to ask questions that will allow you to understand how the lead will benefit from the product offered to him. And what are the ways to achieve the result.

If it turns out that they don’t fit, there’s no point in trying to attract attention with something that you know a potential buyer won’t be interested in. You shouldn’t deceive yourself or the buyer. Formulation in an advertising campaign non-existent, usually quickly reveals itself and flies a boomerang to the author of such a counterproductive idea. That is why a thorough analysis and weigh the pros and cons of the product or goods can be estimated and very simple questions. Here is a rough list of such questions, the answers to which will give an idea of the real content of the proposal:

  • What problem are we trying to solve with this product/service?
  • How has this problem been solved in the past?
  • What has gone wrong with competitors, or vice versa, is there something worth adopting from them?
  • What is the real budget for promotion?
  • How proportionate is it to the market activity of two or three nearest competitors?
  • Does it make sense to try to work on a completely different advertising segment?
  • Does the customer have an opportunity to buy the product for the amount offered?
  • Is there an opportunity to make multiple product offerings with a division into cheaper options and a comprehensive premium solution?
  • What ideas came up after answering all the questions?
  • What might be the best solution for the customer in terms of money and how to purchase?
  • Does new data-driven communication make sense?

All these seemingly simple and everyday-sounding questions are actually very important for understanding the essence and process of sales and the system of improving them. And a comprehensive assessment of the answers will help, even with minimal resources, to get quality and weighty answers to the questions.

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