The Ultimate Guide To PC Drivers And Their Significance

For a computer to work seamlessly, it needs updates and maintenance time and again. And one of the main components that need frequent updates is the driver. Although many people who use computers might have heard the term ‘driver’, they might be unfamiliar with the same, its significance, and also need to update it using driver updater tools like geforce experience. This article guides the computer owner through PC drivers, why they are required, and how they can be updated correctly.

What are PC drivers?

A driver is referred to as a low-level code or a program that facilitates communication between a hardware component or a software application, and also an operating system. It basically acts as a translator that enables the operating system to ask the software or hardware to do what the owner wants.

Every computer is equipped with multiple drivers the main function of which is to control several installed applications and also hardware components. Without drivers or with outdated drivers, it is not possible for the computer’s hardware and software to function properly, and in the worse case, they can’t function at all.

Different Types of Drivers

Drivers are further categorized into two types and these are device drivers and software drivers.

Device Drivers

Device drivers are a type of software that facilitates communication between hardware and operating systems. These are oftentimes created by the same company by which the device was manufactured. Printers, scanners, modems, digital cameras, controllers, and others are some examples of device drivers.

Software Drivers

Software drivers, unlike device drivers, are not associated with hardware devices. Such programs enable communication between the operating system and software applications.

Why are Drivers Required?

Drivers are required so that a computer can be used smoothly. As mentioned above, drivers let the computer communicate with its own hardware and software. Computers tend to become useless and also their hardware does not work without the drivers.

Why Is Updating Drivers Significant?

Outdated drivers can show the symptoms of lag, blurry graphics, or blinking screens. Also, for motherboards, the user might experience computer crashing or system slowdown. It is an updated driver that can help avoid such issues. Apart from this, the updated drivers provide several things like new security patches (keeping hackers from corrupting important files) and updated features that improve the functionality of the system.

How can PC Drivers be Updated?

When it comes to updating the PC drivers, either it can be done manually or by installing the driver updater applications like geforce experience. It is such software that tracks outdated drivers and updates them automatically.


Now the failure of updating the drivers can lead to bigger problems like missing out on new features or devices being susceptible to security threats. Therefore, it is important to install and update the necessary drivers regularly. The best and easiest way through which the same can be done is by downloading qualitative driver updater software such as geforce experience which not only updates drivers but also optimizes the game settings.

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